Meet the Team

Whether producing documentaries, TV commercials, web adverts, short films, innovative new approaches to social media and online video or helping to keep Mastermind Studios going, we do cool stuff that matters.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on having fun while providing the best video experience possible. If you're passionate about finding a solution to a challenging problem you're facing, and you think video might hold an answer, we encourage you to put our creative team of powerful masterminds and brainiacs to work for you!

Peter Cameron-Inglis

President & CEO, Producer, Video Marketing Coach,
Film Maker, Chief Video Innovator

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Peter is what many would consider to be an expert in technology. He has started, developed and sold many high tech companies throughout his impressive career and was chosen as the Technology Innovator of the Year in 2001. Peter has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Internet marketing, social media and video production, and is the 'go to' person at Mastermind Studios when looking for highly creative and innovative business solutions.

Wyatt Purcha

Creative & Video Marketing Consultant

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Wyatt is the newest member of the Mastermind team and is eager to put his potent marketing and networking wisdom from almost a decade (35% of his entire life thus far) of sales experience to use. With a background in Psychology and Theatre from Kamloops' very own Thompson Rivers University, he is well versed in dealing with the most important resource known to humankind: People. He's ready and willing to help people solve their problems one step at a time. He's also quite dashing if he does say so himself.

Saleh El Kadi

Creative Video Consultant

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Saleh El Kadi is a skilled communicator, who enjoys dealing with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Saleh is a marketing graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley and has developed a solid marketing and sales foundation through his experience in pro-active problem solving for businesses throughout the globe (not just in Canada). Saleh has excelled at overcoming challenges to reach his client’s goals not to mention that he is no stranger to working under pressure to hit tight deadlines.

Jordan Nicholson

Film Maker, Director, Videographer, Studio Manager,
Editor, Motion Graphics Designer

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Jordan is a veteran of Vancouver's film industry, having graduated from film school shortly after highschool, Jordan spent nearly 10 years building contacts and gaining experience working in all aspects of production. Working episodic television, movies, and commercials. After tiring of the rat race, Jordan moved back to Kamloops to create CJN Productions. He acquired contracts at Shaw TV, Yellow Pages, and the City of Kamloops before landing at Mastermind Studios.

Mason Pridham

Assistant Editor and Videographer

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Mason graduated from Candora College in 2012 with television broadcasting and video production. Since then, Mason has worked as a camera assistant with SUN TV before joining the Mastermind Studios team in 2014. Mason is well experienced with video production, camera operations and video editing.

Christy Danielson

Associate Producer

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Christy Danielson is an associate producer in our Kamloops studio. Her business background includes everything from HR work in large corporations to running a number of small businesses entirely on her own. Christy excels at organization, scheduling , project management, and repeatedly demonstrates an understanding of the importance of redundancies and planning ahead. Christy's mastery of the market, social media, and online communication methods make her a perfect fit at Mastermind Studios - for both our company and our clients.

Garnet Campbell

Mastermind Studio's Vancouver Videographer

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Garnet is the newest Mastermind Studios correspondent based out of Vancouver. Garnet is a media producer that has experience working as a camera operator, editor and interviewer. When he's not working on projects with Mastermind Studios, he teaches as an instructor at the Delta Film Academy.