Video Production

Sector Specific Video

Click the icon to the left or click here to learn more about video production for specific industries and sectors such as non-profits, recruitment & HR, Healthcare and developing a personal brand.

Commercials & Online Video Advertisements

Looking to have a great TV commercial or online video advertisement produced? Click here or choosing the icon to the left to learn how Mastermind Studios develops great commercials and see some examples of our television, digital advertising and online video advertisements.

Interactive Video

Click the icon to the left or click here to learn more about Interactive Video and what it can do for you. Are you looking for a fresh new innovative way to engage an online audience and capture their attention to tell your story? Interactive video is the next evolution of video on the Internet. The Internet IS interactive and video should be no different. This new style of unique and innovative video is attracting clients who want to do something different to give them that competitive edge and stand out from the crowd.

Documentaries & Short Films

Whatever subject you choose, filming a documentary is an important undertaking that should have a significant impact on getting your message heard. Mastermind Studios is here to help. Mastermind Studios offers award winning video, training and support to produce measurable results for passionate people facing challenging problems.Click here or choosing the icon to the left to learn more and see examples.

Training, Demonstration & Explainer Video

Click the icon to the left or click here to learn more about training video, demonstration video, software demo video and explainer video. “How to” video for training, education, explanation and software demonstration has become a “must have” resource for most companies in today’s information rich and fast paced world. People want the quickest path to learn and understand what is being offered and how it works – and, it should come as no surprise that VIDEO is the preferred medium of choice.

Testimonial Video

Do you have written testimonials on your website? Are you asking yourself why you would really need testimonial videos? Video is the best way, short of direct referrals from your customers, to give your company, product, or service credibility. To read more about the top ten reasons why you should consider using testimonial video, where to use testimonial video, best practices and see examples click here or choosing the icon to the left.

Aerial Video & Aerial Photography

Click the icon to the left or click here to learn more about aerial video and aerial photography. For refreshing perspectives and breathtaking panoramas, HD aerial video and photography is the only way to fully showcase your exceptional event, tourism destination or outstanding piece of property. Aerial video and photography is also ideal for outdoor weddings and events, unique promotions, real estate, tourism destinations, recreation facilities, geological exploration, environmental assessments, fire investigation, HAZMAT operations, VIP security, traffic patrol assistance and analysis, search and rescue, crowd control, crime scene investigation, conservation enforcement, transmission line inspection, property assessment, construction, and film and television.