> Published on Radio NL, The Jim Harrison Show,

‘A Stroke of Hope’ is an upcoming feature-length documentary film exploring the experiences of Bryce Kowalsky and his family, with brain aneurisms, stroke, brain surgery, the recovery process and life after a stroke. An 8 minute trailer video for this documentary film is now finished and can be viewed at https://mastermindstudios.ca/video-showcase/recent-examples/a-stroke-of-hope/. The complete documentary film will delve into what stroke is, how to recognize the early stages of stroke and why it’s important, what treatment and surgery is like, what to expect with recovery and life after. We want to tell the story of how having a stroke affects people and the lives of the people around them, including their families, through the eyes of one family that has found some hope and answers through their harrowing journey. With your help we and a cast of friends, family, and healthcare providers will be able to offer A Stroke of Hope to others who experience this all too frequent and life-threatening condition.

This is a video made from an interview on Radio NL’s Jim Harrison Show.