Actor, Voice Actor, Writer


Nick SaxbyNick Saxby is currently going to school at Thomson Rivers University taking Bachelor of Business. He is in his second year of schooling and hopes to receive a major in marketing. When Nick was in high school he took theatre classes in grades 10, 11, and 12, and achieved an A in all classes. He was given the award for “Most Outstanding Performance in Theatre Arts” in grade 12. Nick is comfortable with many different accents like British, German and French to name just a few. Nick loves to play piano, guitar and sing and has done many recitals and performances. Some hobbies he has include sports, such as hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, and adventure sports like snowboarding, biking, canoeing and rock climbing. Nick can also juggle.




Young Adult in Kamloops

Ethnicity: German, Romanian, English

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Medium

Eye Colour: Blue/Green/Hazel

Height: 180cm / 5'11"

Weight: 74kg / 164lbs

Languages: English, limited German

Accents: British, German, Scottish, Irish

Best Known For: Eyebrows and ability to mooch food and uncanny resemblance to Harry Potter when I wear my glasses