Do you know a musician or band in BC or Alberta that wants to create a music video?

public-records1Last summer we offered to partner with a musician or band who would like to create a music video and apply for the costs to be covered by the Summer 2013 Music Video Fund but we couldn’t find anyone.

Public Records has just announced a 2ND round of grants, offering musicians and filmmakers across BC and Alberta up to $7,500 to produce music videos this winter. The Winter 2014 Music Video Fund will also include TELUS-funded educational workshops, across both British Columbia and Alberta. The final music videos will appear on TELUS Optik Local through Optik’s TV on demand and online at Artists will retain full rights to their content.

If you know an artist(s) who might be interested in working with Mastermind Studios to create a music video for their song have them give us a call.

The Public Records press release can be read in its entirety here.

For more information contact:

Peter Cameron-Inglis
Mastermind Studios
954F Laval Crescent
Kamloops, BC, V2C 5P5
(250) 424-8918