“By 2017 video will represent 90% of Internet traffic. Mastermind Studios

positions Kamloops to take better advantage of the trend.”


talent-directory-press-headerKamloops, BC – Mastermind Studios, a Kamloops based video production studio, has created a new online database of talent from the region including actors and voice actors to offer its clients and sector stakeholders better choices and to help grow the film and television industry for the region.

Peter Cameron-Inglis, Producer and CEO of Mastermind Studios, explains that “this talent directory will assist in offering clients better video which in turn will give businesses and non-profits better reach through web and TV commercials, better website search results, longer website visits, and more effective social media. It will also help support local actors and other talent to grow the industry locally.”

Already, 15 actors, with more than half from Thompson Rivers University, have gone through the process to be listed. Many more have contacted Mastermind Studios to express interest.

Businesses and non-profits, along with producers and scouts for film and television, can already browse bio videos and screen tests at www.MastermindStudios.ca.

For actors and other talent the sign-up process is inexpensive, unrestrictive and easy. Non-exclusive representation is offered to local talent along with screen tests and filming for $100 to $250. Contact Mastermind Studios.

Victoria Weller, the Film Commissioner for the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission says, “Mastermind Studio’s Talent Database is the next best thing to having a talent agent in the Thompson-Nicola region for film and television. This will go a long way to proving that there is plenty of performance talent in the BC Interior to sectors such as the motion picture, gaming, visual effects and digital animation, voice-over, modelling and live theatre.”

You can browse the Actors Directory here.

For More Information:

Peter Cameron-Inglis
Producer & CEO