> Published in Kamloops Daily News, by Mike Youds,

An entrepreneur hired to create a promotional video for the city decided that the $10,000 contract wasn’t sufficient to do his subject full justice. Kamloops — A Story of Champions was premiered at Sagebrush Theatre on Wednesday night with a celebratory flare resembling a feature film release. “Tonight we’re really proud and really excited to give a premiere of the video,” said Jim Anderson, executive director of Venture Kamloops, after kidding that it was three hours and 20 minutes long. Actually, it’s only 41/2 minutes long yet succeeds in capturing and projecting the spirit of Kamloops in order to lure business. The project became a labour of love for producer Peter Cameron-Inglis of Mastermind Studios. He put more of his own money into the production than the contract provided, Anderson said. Cameron-Inglis said they initially considered using clips from previous promotions of the city before stepping back to rethink the project. “We wanted to show some views of Kamloops that even locals don’t see,” he explained. “We wanted to create pride in the city.” You can read more on the Kamloops Daily News website here.