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Get your game on and be PAUSEitive with your brand!

Introducing Pauseitive Games

Get your game on with a Mastermind Studios Pauseitive Trivia Game!

Make your education and information more engaging with your very own (2+ plus player) trivia game using our Maxogram Print Activated video app. You might be curious about why we call it a ‘Pauseitive’ game. Besides the fact that you use the “Pause” button in order to “play” the game we also think you might have noticed that we’re tipping our hat to the word POSITIVE. We believe that there are some great organizations out there that need a better way to get their audiences engaging with each other and engaging with their content. A Pauseitive Trivia Game is a fun, POSITIVE and personal way that will get your audience learning important facts and information from your organization in a social setting with two (2) or more players.

How to Play Pauseitive Games

Clean Drain Dry Trivia

Click on this image to display a larger printable version. Feel free to print the larger image and use it to Play the PAUSEitive Trivia Game for “Clean Drain Dry” with the Invasive Species Council of BC to help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.

The GOAL of the game is to win the round by getting three questions correct in a row.

  1. Gather 2 or more people.
  2. Download Maxogram from the Apple (IOS) or Google Play (Android) store for Free and open it on your smart phone or tablet device and Scan the artwork for the Pauseitive Game you would like to play, using Maxogram.
  3. Select the first person to be the one who asks a question.
  4. When the questions begin to play on your screen tap on the “pause” button to make your selection.
  5. The question and the answer are both located on the screen.
  6. The person asking the question asks the person to the left.
  7. If they get the answer correct the asker taps the “play” icon and then chooses another question by tapping the “pause” button once more and repeats until the person answering gives an incorrect answer.
  8. Once the person answering gives an incorrect answer they then become the asker and directs the next question to the person to their left.
  9. Game play continues in this fashion until there are no more questions to ask or someone gets three questions correct in a row.
  10. That’s the end of your first round. Continue to play as many rounds as you like by re-scanning the artwork and starting again.

Alternate Version of Game Play: Anyone can answer in a multiplayer game of 3 or more. 1st person wrong to the left becomes the asker. Keep track of how many each person gets correct in a row.

Would you like to get a Pauseitive Game for your organization?

If you would like more information about creating a Pauseitive Trivia Game for your business or non-profit (or important cause) please contact Mastermind Studios. There are several customization options available so please contact us to discuss your use-case directly. Customization can include variations in artwork design, interstitial commercials and further integrated use of the iconography surrounding the video window in the game.

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