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When the Association of BC Land Surveyors approached Mastermind Studios their goal was to create a tool that they could use to educate and raise awareness with youth about the possibilities with a career in Land Surveying. The association hoped to convey the rich history of this profession in British Columbia along with the scientific nature and active outdoor lifestyle. And, they wanted it to be exciting and innovative!

Working with several Land Surveyors throughout British Columbia a plan was formed to create a music video where the band “Said the Whale” would rewrite their popular song “Orienteering” to be “Surveying” and a visual script/storyboard was developed to show the evolution of surveying in British Columbia from the 1800’s to present day which would accompany the new studio recording. The storyboard was to show the evolution of technology and diversification of the profession towards all ethnic groups and both genders.

During the filming of the music video Mastermind Studios only used actual BC Land Surveyors as the actors and during the b-roll shoots Mastermind Studios made use of the opportunity to interview many of the participants so that further educational resource videos could also be assembled into a micro-content library of additional content. You can watch a couple of examples below or visit the YouTube Channel for the Association of BC Land Surveyors here: 


Women in Land Surveying

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