About The Campaign

Leading up to the 50th Anniversary of the KIBIHT Tournament Mastermind Studios has supported this prestigious and historic event with promotional video production. In January 2017 during the KIBIHT tournament Mastermind Studios sat down with several couches, scouts, players and organizers to talk about KIBIHT and why it is such an important and successful tournament.

The Kamloops International Bantam Ice Hockey Tournament (KIBIHT) is a world famous ice hockey tournament held in Kamloops, British Columbia for Bantam level teams from Western Canada and around the globe. Since it’s inception in 1969, KIBIHT has hosted some of the top bantam teams in the world and the top bantam aged players in hockey including Mario Lemieux, Mark Recchi and Ryan Kesler. For more information,

On January 3 through 7th, 2018, KIBIHT will celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary year. Come and cheer on the bantam players. This is some of the best hockey you will ever see. This is the fifth KIBIHT video produced by Mastermind Studios.

When we think of passion and Kamloops together we naturally think of hockey. We were honoured to have the organizers of KIBIHT ask us to help them create world-class video that builds a new level of local pride in this prestigious tournament and attract more international top tier teams to attend this week long annual program.

We would like to thank all of the incredible volunteers and supporters who give their time and support to help make video projects like these happen. You are the heart and soul of Kamloops and we are very proud to have worked with you on these important video productions.


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