Mr. Electric


Mr. Electric Reluctant Superhero - Full Version

Mr. Electric Reluctant Superhero - 30 Seconds

About The Campaign

Our client, Tyler Gould from Mr. Electric of Kamloops, was looking for a way to stand out from his competitors and get people talking. Tyler wanted something different that would help to grow his social media audience and could also be used for cinema and TV advertising to create a larger awareness for his brand and build a stronger sales volume.

Mastermind Studios assembled the entire team and began to Mastermind a campaign that embodied all of the compelling characteristics and unique qualities we could learn about our new client. Tyler told us that he believed in treating people right. He said he wanted husbands and fathers to feel comfortable with Mr. Electric working in their homes even when they were not there. He wanted wives and mothers to feel safe and that they could trust him to get the job done affordably, safely and with minimal intrusion.

Tyler told us that “no job was too small” and that he treated everyone with respect. We replied that “he sounded like a superhero!” He said, “Funny you should say that. I have several clients that refer to me as their superhero. It feels great to have people think of you in those terms. I wish I could find a way to get that message out to more people. And so, Mr. Electric – The Superhero was born. A mild mannered, reluctant, superhero that just wants to help you get things done right. One that will never take advantage of you.

Some people call him a super man but he’s also a journeyman … electrician!