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About The Campaign

Building a social media audience for a fast food franchise is about more than just coupons and gimmicks. Businesses need to engage with their audience, offering additional value and Papa John’s is no exception.

The franchise owner that approached Mastermind Studios didn’t want to get into a price war with his competitors. He knew that this would be a slippery slope where the quality of his product would start to suffer if his sales were focused on being the ‘lowest cost provider’. Instead he was looking for a strong message that would resonate with his audience and that focused on the brand’s promise of – Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.

Mastermind Studios believes that audiences today don’t want to be “sold”. But, if you entertain them and use well executed humour, they will respond positively to your brand. In Papa John’s case we created two concepts for both a female and male audience where we compared the relationship between people and pizza to that of dating. The response has been very positive helping to build Papa John’s social media following throughout the three franchise areas that were targeted by the campaign – in Kamloops, Prince George & Penticton.

  • Client: Papa John’s Pizza
    Kamloops, Prince George, Penticton & More

    Papa John’s called Mastermind Studios for help building a stronger connection with their social media audience.

    Here’s a little of the ‘Behind-The-Scenes’.