Film & Television:

With over 20,000 sq feet of facilities in Kamloops, BC, Mastermind Studios is the perfect turn-key setup for just about any production looking for affordable alternatives to filming in the traditional urban centers. Most amenities are walking distance from the studios including shopping, hotels, restaurants and other amenities. Mastermind Studios provides many levels of service to the film and television industry including:

  1. Turn-Key Production Office Rentals
  2. Soundstage Rentals
  3. Equipment Rentals
  4. Production Crew
  5. Post-Production Services
  6. Locations Services and more

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Aerial Video & Aerial Photography:

When it comes to aerial photography and aerial video production services in BC – Mastermind Studios has been the pioneering leader for well over a decade. Long before the commercially viable drone systems of today were available were were building and programming our own solutions and working with Transport Canada to develop the rules and regulations that would govern the industry for the use of unmanned aerial platforms.

Today, Mastermind Studios provides heavy-lift aerial drone cinematography services to productions filming throughout British Columbia with seven (7) different drone packages carrying different camera and gimbal payload systems from Arri Alexa Mini to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Pro 6K as well as many other options. And, when drones aren’t the answer Mastermind Studios can provide stabilized camera platforms with operators for use with commercial aircraft/helicopters along with other solutions such as our Skywalker Cable Camera system, Camera cranes and Jibs in various sizes and even a twenty-six foot helium blimp.

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Mastermind Studios has seven different aerial drone platforms including two Matrice 600 Pro Heavy Lift Cinema Packages

TV Commercials & Video Ads:

Having a good production company is critical to achieving results with Television Commercials or Online Video Advertising. Mastermind Studios has the resources and experience you need to produce professional commercials for your organization. We have the reputable team to master and produce your commercial and deliver your message.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Script Writing
  • Talent Selection
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Multi-Camera High-End Film & Video Production
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Agency Distribution Services
  • Social Media Implementation

Mastermind Studios is established, successful and has the experience creating commercials that help our clients stand out from their competition and produce the results they are looking for.

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Mastermind Studios is an accomplished documentary video production company available to work on documentary films, docu-series and documentary style corporate production projects.

Connecting with individuals that have important stories to tell is something that we truly enjoy. We find part of our purpose within this type of work and often find that it speaks to our sense of WHY we do what we do.

Many subject matter experts as well as individuals who have allowed themselves to be vulnerable on-camera with us have acknowledged that we are very good at what we do. Making that connection with people so that they feel comfortable and safe with us is a skill that we covet and take a significant amount of pride in. It’s part of what creates a great documentary film full of interesting information and authentic emotion. But best of all, it keeps us growing, not only as filmmakers but also as people.

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Business Profile Videos:

If you truly want to connect with your audience you need to tell a compelling story and a Business Profile Video is an affordable way to do exactly that. Whether it’s being used for your website, social media, email or for all of your communications, a profile video about your business, your staff, or your clients is a great way to build a stronger connection with people.

Choosing the right Video Production company is about more than choosing a videographer to create a great video. Everyone has an amazing story to tell and Mastermind Studios can help you tell your story powerfully, authentically, and effectively BUT creating your video is just the start. How will you get your video in front of the right target market? How will you emotionally connect with your audience? What will you inspire them to do? Mastermind Studios is the video production partner with the experience you need to get your message watched and shared. As a full-service digital media agency we plan, develop, and produce viral video content, integrated video marketing campaigns, and video advertising for companies, non-profits and individuals.

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Filming the Business Profile Video of Lillie & Cohoe in Nelson, BC


Mastermind Studios has the equipment and crew to broadcast, record and live-stream any type of event with live ATEM switching for up to eight (8) camera feeds and computer feeds. From sporting events to live training programs, fund-raising events and concerts Mastermind Studios can provide everything you need to make your event one of the best that your audience has ever seen. Our team is available to produce your event either on-location where ever you need us to be or from our recording studio and soundstage facilities located at 954 Laval Crescent in Kamloops, BC. Don’t forget to ask us about specialty equipment that we have available to take your production to the next level with Camera Cranes, Cable-Cams, Video Wall Systems and more.

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Testimonial Videos:

A great testimonial video is authentic, the best way to achieve this is to be spontaneous and don’t use a script! When you ask people GREAT questions they will usually give you even GREATER answers!
Keep it short! If a video is longer than 2 minutes your viewer will start to lose interest.
The best testimonial videos demonstrate specific information about how your product or service benefited your customer. Use precise stories and examples, not generalizations.
Real people make mistakes. If someone says the odd ‘um or uh’ it’s alright. It shows authenticity. These videos don’t need to be perfect but they do need to be real!
Take your time, breathe, allow your customer to get comfortable in front of a camera and don’t rush them.
Filming should take 20 minutes or less, so your customer doesn’t get stressed or tired.
Use a professional company to get the best quality videos. A professional will know how to light and position your customers, also how to edit the videos to make everyone look and sound fantastic!
Make sure your testimonials answer crucial questions potential customers may have about your product or service, such as: Is it easy? Does it work? Can I do it?
Keep it interesting. It is a great idea to include some related footage of your product or service to demonstrate what your company does.

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Micro Content:

Today, non-profits, organizations and businesses need an entire library of content. This is something Mastermind Studios has pioneered and being able to provide an extreme amount of value within a whole library of video content that can be used in a variety of social media mediums including websites, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

These videos are a great way for businesses and non-profit groups to tap into the engagement happening in the marketplace with videos that relate and really resonate in an authentic way with the public. We can make this work for just about any type of organization. You don’t have to be a professional actor for us to make you look and sound great! Best of all, you can use these videos to help promote yourself, your business or your non-profit group in many different ways.

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Training & Demonstration:

“How to” video for training, education, explanation and software demonstration has become a “must have” resource for most companies in today’s information rich and fast paced world. People want the quickest path to learn and understand what is being offered and how it works – and, it should come as no surprise that VIDEO is the preferred medium of choice.

So, how can you make your training or “explainer” video the most effective and achieve the results you are looking for? The answer starts with proper planning to develop a script that will have impact on the viewer. Below you will find some of the questions we ask during Mastermind planning sessions for developing software demonstration video with clients. The planning process usually has at least two parts. It begins with the overall “strategic planning” for the video, and this in turn speaks to the planning around script development and the messaging you wish to convey. This strategic planning also helps to determine things like presentations style, choice of voice-over/ narration artist, and overall filming and presentation treatment.

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News & Stringer:

Mastermind Studios has Multiple camera-operators / videographers on staff with all the equipment necessary to provide quality and professional news stringer services. Our staff have the experience working with reporters and producers in order to get the footage that’s required. Interviews can be done by our operators or as a ‘double-ender’. Mastermind Studios also has on-staff producers with on-camera reporting experience that can be provided for additional support, should it be needed.

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