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No one can tell your story like you can. Let customers experience the essence of your business with a Business Booster Profile Video from Mastermind Studios. Add personality to your marketing and share the story that sets you apart from the rest. The team at Mastermind Studios will guide you through the simple process that will allow you to reveal the unique qualities of your business authentically, unscripted and naturally.

A Business Booster Video is a great way to build your brand and boost your appeal with an authentic and affordable business profile. A Business Booster video allows you to add your unique personality that is reflected in the video.

Promotional Price: $785

How does the Business Booster Video work?

From inception to completion, your Business Booster Video can be produced in 3 simple steps:

  1. Chat -- Call the team at Mastermind Studios and book your video
  2. Film -- We have a conversation on camera, at your location and capture your authentic and unique business essence
  3. Create -- We create your Business Booster Profile Video

Where can I use my video?

Your Business Booster Video can be used in a variety of different mediums to promote your business. We will give you the video in any format you need so that you may put it on your company’s website, display it at trade shows, put it on YouTube, include it in your email and online newsletters, post it on Facebook & other social media sites, and use it within online advertising such as Google and more!


Example: Noran Printing

“Our videos from Mastermind Studios have been very effective. We’ve had customers mention watching the videos directly and commenting on how much of an impact they've had.”

Ryan Holowaychuk
Owner / Operator

Example: Dr. Preety Desai

Dr. Preety Desai
Certified Specialist in Periodontics

Example: Lyons Landscaping

"If you or your company are not using video to touch your clients, you are seriously missing out. You are also missing out again if you are not using Peter and his Team at Mastermind Studios. I highly recommend them."

Colin Lyons
Owner / Operator

What Else Colin Has to Say: