Are you looking for a fresh new innovative way to engage an online audience and capture their attention to tell your story?

Interactive video is the next evolution of video on the Internet. The Internet IS interactive and video should be no different. This new style of unique and innovative video is attracting clients who want to do something different to give them that competitive edge and stand out from the crowd.

interactive-videoInteractive video is a 'choose your own adventure' style where the viewer, by way of choices placed in the video, navigates through the video seeking only the things they want to see, at the right time. Instead of watching an entire lengthy video from beginning to end, interactive video is about watching the short and to-the-point clips that are most relevant. The result is a highly engaging viewer experience that is proven to increase engagement (how long you spend watching) five times longer than standard video.

Through online interactive forms, links and downloadable resources, embedded directly into the video, our clients experience a greater increase in lead generation and sales conversion. It's like having an incredibly engaging website contained in a single video that can be placed almost anywhere online. So check out our work to experience Interactive video for yourself.

Many of you are thinking about redesigning your website or looking for a new approach because your web visitors aren't staying long enough to hear your story. Mastermind Studios is here to help you change that with its new Interactive Social video.

  • Create a 2-way dialogue that increases engagement
  • Lead people to a call-to-action like an embedded form inside the video
  • Create video that replaces text on your website that people don't seem to read
  • Share interactive video on your website, through email and social media


Interactive Video Examples