Client: Natalie Peace, Peace & Profit Coaching & Consulting

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Although Mastermind Studios is well known for creating stunning tourism video productions, television commercials, and corporate video presentations we also have another passion. We love to work with inspirational speakers, consultants, trainers and coaches to develop effective marketing promotions and videos around: inspirational stories; business, life and success coaching; business consulting; biographies; and more.

One such individual is Natalie Peace who has an amazing and inspiring story of her own. This interactive video helps you follow along as Natalie shares how it all began for her and reveals many of the secrets to her incredible rise to success. You can also learn how she is now moving forward to help entrepreneurs measure success on multiple bottom lines. Natalie loves to help new entrepreneurs and businesspeople learn how to get a business started, make it thrive, and give themselves the time and space to have a life outside. Please enjoy this interactive video and don’t forget to click on the contact/hire Natalie button in the video if you’d like to contact her about coaching, mentorship or speaking about her experiences and values.

Are you a coach, trainer, keynote speaker? Interactive video is a great way for you to share your story while engaging your viewers and converting more of them into leads and sales for your business. Contact Mastermind Studios today to discuss how we may be able to help your organization create a more meaningful and engaging experience through your website and social media efforts with Interactive Video.

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Natalie Peace