Client: Collaborative Project between Mastermind Studios & Venture Kamloops

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In 2012 Mastermind Studios made a conscious decision to focus half its efforts towards video production services in the healthcare sector. Mastermind Studios has always been committed to making a positive difference in the world-at-large and the communities in which we live, work and play. This project served as a demonstration of our commitment to the healthcare sector.

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Understanding that well over 10,000 people in the Kamloops catchment area do not have a family physician Mastermind Studios approached Venture Kamloops and volunteered to increase its involvement with the Red Carpet Physician Recruitment program. In October of 2012 Mastermind Studios offered to produce an interactive video, free of charge, to showcase the beauty, amenities, and advantages of relocating to this region for potential physicians. It is hoped that this piece will also demonstrate a best practice and provide an example of what Mastermind Studios can do for the healthcare sector in other communities.

Development, filming and production of this interactive video took many months beginning in October 2012 and launching on February 28, 2013. This project involved the assistance of many organizations for which Mastermind Studios is grateful. Contributors to the effort of completing this great community resource include the following people and organizations:

  • Venture Kamloops
  • Jennifer McKinney from Fresh Inc
  • Dr Steven Rollheiser
  • Margaret Brown, Erin Toews, Tracy Watson and all of the exceptional Interior Health and RIH staff
  • Dr Alan Vukusic
  • Dr. Shauna Tsuchiya
  • Dr. Paul Bishop
  • Dr. Julie Anderson
  • Dr. Tracey Smillie
  • Dr. Lisa Steele
  • Dr. Marcia Ballantyne
  • Heidi Coleman, Jenna Mitchell and Alisa Coquet from the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation
  • Thompson Region Division of Family Practice
  • Tourism Kamloops
  • Thompson Rivers University