not-for-profit-imageGreat causes DESERVE to have great video too! In fact, great causes MUST have great video today or they will not survive!

Mastermind Studios produces GREAT video for Non-Profits and Social Causes. There are two more things we really want you to know when it comes to video for non-profit (not-for-profit) cause marketing and Mastermind Studios:

  1. We have passion for (and experience with) working for non-profit organizations to help get their message heard and produce the results they need.
  2. While we can not do everything for free (and continue to stay sustainable ourselves), Mastermind Studios is proud of the support we provide to many important causes and not-for-profit organizations. In 2013 we provided over $375,000 in pro-bono and support and we plan to do it again in 2014. That's more that $50,000 per year for every full-time employee we have in our company.

But, it's not just about doing A LOT of work for important causes we believe in. It's about doing GREAT work that makes a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE and gets RESULTS. We like to say that "Watered down video doesn't change anything and we want to change the world!" Mastermind Studios produces concentrated video - to be the best, to teach the best, and to support the best.

Here are a few examples from Mastermind Studios:


This video was produced for Kamloops Minor Hockey and The Kamloops International Bantam Ice Hockey Tournament. To learn more about this video click here.

Royal Inland Hospital Foundation

This video titled, Live Love Give was produced for the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. To learn more about this video click here.

New Life Mission

This video titled "Community Roots" was produced for the New Life Mission to help recruit new dentists and public support for the dental clinic at the Misson. To learn more about this video click here.

Youth Against Youth Homelessness

This video was produced for with the help of several youth/students for the Youth Against Youth Homelessness Action Committee. To learn more about this video click here.