How Can Mastermind Studios Help You Sell More Real Estate?

If you really want to sell real estate more effectively you must be unique and strategic with your marketing. To break through the noise you need to get the attention of the exact target market you are after. Mastermind Studios can help you build a strategic video marketing plan that will set you apart from your competition. To get a taste of our unique approach to real estate sales through video take a look at some of the examples below and give us a call toll free at (855) 899-4653.

Leveraging Video in Social Media

How do you showcase a high-end property to engage an audience and make an emotional connection with potential buyers? Try telling the story! Taking the seller out of the staging of a home is standard practice in Real Estate but it often leaves the home feeling a little cold and clinical. Putting the seller back into the equation gives you a better opportunity to "sell the lifestyle" (from a peer's perspective) and cover all the important little things that might get lost or forgotten. This video received over 6000 views in its first 3 weeks with interested buyers tagging each other and expressing interest from outside markets all over Western Canada.

Put the Story Back into Your Listing!

Masterminding a Campaign!

Example Campaign Video Launch

Not Just a Video Production Company!

When Jeremy Reid came in to see us at Mastermind Studios he thought we were "just" a video production company. He got a great surprise when he realized the value of Mastermind Studios as a full strategic marketing agency with consultants who brainstorm, plan and implement entire marketing campaigns designed to get immediate measurable results. From Jeremy's original campaign launch videos we attracted more than 30 interested parties in signing up to his program and agreeing to be filmed. Jeremy chose 10 different listings to participate with 10 different scenarios in 10 different areas of the city and with these participants we created the video "webisodes" below.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Marketing Luxury Townhomes!

Looking for a TV Commercial?

When Kamloops Realtor, Jerry Van, came to us about her client Homex Development she said they "wanted a luxury commercial to match their luxury townhomes at Orabella" but without a lot of words. They want to capture the lifestyle or the area and do it differently than everyone else.

Neighbourhood Marketing Videos

Are you looking for something that will demonstrate to a seller that you REALLY know and understand their neighbourhood? Do you need to present more information within your listings in an engaging way for out of town buyers? Mastermind Studios creates video marketing libraries covering every neighbourhood. These videos can be branded (and even customized) for an individual real estate agent. While other cities within BC are currently in research and planning Mastermind Studios has created the first library for the City of Kamloops covering 23 different neighbourhoods. The Kamloops Neighbourhood library contains over $70,000 of video production and is available to realtors for only $500 per month. Click here for more details and to view samples from the video library:

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