150-dollar-pro-studio-videosWOW!  Last week we sent this email out to about 200 of our local fans and friends and I can’t remember ever getting so much positive response back on a promotion. We sent it out Wednesday and Thursday and after the weekend we’ve already had 19 responses. That’s almost 10%! With so much uptake we’ve decided to post it here on the website because this is obviously striking a positive cord with everyone.

Here are the promotion details:

Here’s a special shout out to all of our Friends & Fans!

Yes, that is right – It’s not a typo – $150 to produce a professional video just for you!  This is the perfect offer if you’re looking to create some great video to super-charge your social media.

The Mastermindlings at Mastermind Studios have been getting creative once again to help all of our friends in our home town (and fans of our home town & Mastermind Studios). We hope you’ll find this offer exciting and helpful; but if not, please at least enjoy one or more of the short and inspiring video messages we’ve included from our friend, Lesra Martin. You can find them on the webpage in the link below.

If you don’t know Lesra’s story I encourage you to learn more about it. It’s truly inspiring!

We think Kamloops is full of amazing people, businesses, and non-profit groups with equally amazing stories to tell and messages that deserve to be heard, but regrettably sometimes those messages and stories don’t get heard or shared. They just get lost in the noise. If you have a business or non-profit group in Kamloops (or beyond) and you’re looking for a way to create some great buzz to help market your message we want to help you.

We’ve been working on a way to produce some professional in-studio video that anyone CAN afford. We’d like to offer you a video series package of 10 great 2 minutes videos, professionally filmed and produced in our studio, for just $1,500.  That’s only $150 per video or just $75 per finished minute of video production.

Professionally filmed and produced video can cost up to $1500 per finished minute (or more) so this IS AN AMAZING DEAL and we’ve created it exclusively for our AMAZING friends and fans!

Why can we do this so cheap? There are a couple of minor conditions AND we’ve set up an efficient way to produce a 10 video series, in our studio, by following a simple format and formula to reduce a lot of the time normally required for creating custom video productions.

We can make this work for just about any type of organization. You don’t have to be a professional actor for us to make you look and sound great! Best of all, you can use these videos to help promote your business or non-profit in many different ways. Use them in your email; on your website; on Facebook; on Twitter; on LinkedIn; on Google Plus; on Pinterest; on a TV in your customer waiting room; on digital advertising displays; at trade shows and more!

Here is an example of what this video package looks like. Follow this link and watch a couple of the videos. At the end of each video is some extra marketing appeal to increase your likes on Facebook and other types of social media.  https://mastermindstudios.ca/video-showcase/wisdom-of-champions-video-series/lesra-martin/

If you like what you see don’t forget to also like and follow Mastermind Studios in our social media channels, although, we know most of you already do!

We can create a video series just like this one for you. It’s quick, it works great, it looks great, and it’s affordable!

If you’re still with me and you’re still reading this rather lengthy email BUT you’re thinking, “Peter, I don’t believe I need video in my marketing”. Here are a few facts to consider.

  • 93% of marketing professionals used video for online marketing in 2013
  • 82% of marketers believe that online video has had a positive impact on their business
  • 52% of marketing professionals say that video is the type of content with the best return on investment
  • Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and direct mail.
  • Viewers retain 95% of the info viewed in video, versus only 10% of what they read in text.

Please give me a call and let’s start putting something together for your marketing to get your message heard and shared!

Yours truly,

Peter Cameron-Inglis
Chief Video Innovator & Video Marketing Coach
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