Canon CN-E 50mm T1.3 EF Prime Lens Rental

T1.3 Maximum Aperture, Full-Frame Format, 11 Aperture Blades, 114mm Front Diameter, Canon EF Mount

Canon CN-E 50mm T1.3 EF Prime Lens Rental



$80.00 for the 1st day
$60.00 for an additional day
$80.00 for a weekend
$240.00 for a week

Please Note: Renter will be required to purchase insurance on all rentals at a cost of 20% of total rental or provide an insurance certificate to Mastermind Studios naming Mastermind Studios as an additional insured for the replacement of the rental equipment should anything be lost or damaged during the rental period. Renter also agrees to be responsible for any and all insurance deductibles that require payment in the eventuality of loss or damage.

What’s Included:

  • Canon CN-E 20mm T1.5 EF Prime Lens


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  • Description


    The EF Cinema prime CN-E50mm T1.3 L F (EF mount) lens offers a compact, consistent lens design and proven Canon lens elements for performance and reliability in professional shooting environments.

    Intended for the working professional, the EF Cinema Prime CN-E50mm T1.3 L F lens has markings on angled surfaces on both sides of the barrel, making it easy to read focus and aperture settings from behind or from either side of the camera. Focus markings can even be switched from standard labeling to metric. The control rings are engineered to maintain the proper amount of resistance with consistent operating torque.

    Key Features:

    • T1.3 maximum aperture
    • 11-blade aperture
    • Supports 4K capture
    • Dust and water resistant

    Fulfills 4K Production Standards

    Designed to fulfill contemporary 4K production standards, it features a full-frame imaging circle in a lightweight, compact design- this phenomenal lens is also perfect for any number of applications. It also features an 11-blade aperture diaphragm for beautiful background blur and innovative glass construction that counteracts barrel expansion and contraction to avoid temperature induced marking discrepancies.

    Cinema Prime Lenses

    Canon’s brilliant Cinema Prime lenses offer spectacular optical performance for demanding high-end productions. Featuring a compact and consistent lens design, these lenses offer consistent form factors and markings optimized for motion picture production. Sharing the same gear position, diameter and rotation angle, and front diameter-the lenses’ compatibility with third-party accessories allows crews to easily change lenses without making adjustments to the rig setup.

    High Resolution and Warm Colours

    The lens features a large diameter aspheric lens and anomalous dispersion glass, working to deliver high contrast and sharp imaging from the center of the image to the outer edges. This helps bring out the high quality of 4K cinema images. The lens produces warm colour tones that help to softly capture people’s facial expressions and enable better depiction of textures captured through the lens.

    Fast T Number

    Operating at T1.3 helps the lens achieve a softer and greater bokeh, while allowing users to shoot brighter in low-light settings.

    Unified Warm Colour Balance within Canon Cinema Lenses

    Canon’s colour science has become highly refined over generations of lens designs, paying the closest attention to a pleasing skin tone reproduction. The CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F lens can be used interchangeably with other Canon Cinema lenses during the same production since both have the same warm, cine-look colour characteristics – making it easier to maintain consistent colour when multiple lenses are used.

    11-Blade Iris

    The CN-E 50mm T1.3 L F Cinema Prime Lens features an 11-blade iris. This produces artistic and beautiful out-of-focus areas, creating a more three-dimensional bokeh with the deeper depth of field that a super wide angle lens can offer, broadening the range of visual expression. The use of an odd number of blades also helps reduce flaring of specular highlights. Additionally, the iris ring is mechanically controlled with no click stops for smooth exposure adjustments while recording.

    105mm Front Lens Threading for Screw on Filters

    To allow for additional ease of use and flexibility, the lens features threading on the front of the lens to accommodate 105mm screw on filters. This feature allows the camera operator to add filters over the lens without the need for a matte box to be attached to the camera system helping to provide flexibility in filter choice as well as the ability to shoot in a more streamlined format.

    Dust and Water Resistant

    The lens is equipped with gaskets and seals for dust and water resistant operation, helping to make them ready for shooting, even in severe conditions

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    Additional information

    Rental Period

    1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 1 Week, Weekend Only

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