Sandler Calgary Short Cuts Video FlyerThere are no real “short cuts” to producing excellent video for promoting your product or brand BUT video IS a short cut to establishing expertise and authority, AND it’s scalable! With that said, we call these videos, “short-cuts” (#ShortCutVideo) for two reasons:

  1. they are quick and affordable (not to mention they also work great and look professional); and
  2. they are literally “short-cuts” or better put, simple short edits from a single filming session.

These videos are a great way for your business or non-profit group to have its message heard and shared. We can make this work for just about any type of organization. You don’t need to be a professional actor for us to make you look and sound great! Best of all, you can continue to re-purpose and use these videos in many different ways. Use them in your email; on your website; on Facebook; on Twitter; in your LinkedIn profile and on your LinkedIn company page; on Google Plus; on Pinterest; on a TV in your customer waiting room; on digital advertising displays; at trade shows and more. Let Mastermind Studios create a series of short cut videos for you.

For a great example of a short cut video watch this one with Sandler Training.

[tubepress video=”Y5aDuipQOfM” youtubeShowAnnotations=”true” showRelated=”false”]

You can see even more examples of short cut videos from other clients by visiting this page.

Today marketers all over the world are relying on video online to produce the results they need. The bottom line is that online video works! More consumers than ever are watching online video. 94% of consumers watched a video online last week. 76% of smartphone owners watch videos at least once per week on their phones. Creating video builds trust in consumers. It is commonly reported that watching a video increases a consumer’s chance of purchasing a product or service (73% in this case), but interestingly, Animoto has found that the simple act of creating video results in a positive effect on consumers. Over half of their respondents said they consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy than those who just stick to text and 71% said that videos leave a positive impression of a company, which is reason enough to jump on the video marketing bandwagon!

Video can dramatically increase your website search results in Google and other search engines but there are things you need to know. When people search Google and YouTube they don’t just search for one term or one topic. They don’t just have one train of thought. They try many different phrases and many different ways of saying things. Because of this it’s impossible to optimize just one video for all of the terms and phrases you would want to get people to watch your video message.

The fact is – successful marketers don’t just produce one video. They have a lot of video produced! So, how could you possibly afford to have a lot of video produced? The good news is that producing a lot of video doesn’t have to be expensive.

Hamish Knox from Sandler Training in Calgary has made special arrangements with Mastermind Studios to pass on this special 2014 offer to his clients: 14 Short Cut Videos for just $2000 (plus applicable taxes) which is…

less than $150 per video

Here is what you get:

  1. Consulting time with Mastermind Studios on the telephone and by email to help you plan out the topics and questions we’ll ask you when we do the filming
  2. A 1 hour filming session at one of our filming locations closest to you
  3. 14 short cut videos
  4. A custom designed end-slate for the final 15 – 20 seconds of each video
  5. Assistance with setting up and optimizing your YouTube Channel to maximize your impact
  6. Optimization of each Short Cut Video for meta tags, descriptions, closed captioning, custom thumbnails, and annotations (the interactive linking from video to to video at the end of each clip.

Mastermind Studios is currently filming in Kamloops but is also taking advanced orders and making arrangements to film in Vernon, Kelowna, Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. To receive more information about when we’re filming Short Cut Videos to your city or to speak with a Mastermind Studios representative please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

No Obligation

Why not request more information or reserve your spot now?

Mastermind Studios leads by example with our own set of “short-cut” videos ( #shortcutvideo ) about short cut videos. Listen in as Mastermind Studios staff talk about different aspects of effective video and video production. Short Cut Videos are a new way in which Mastermind Studios is getting creative to make professional video more affordable for businesses and non-profits alike. Here’s an opportunity to hear a behind-the-scenes perspectives from Peter Cameron-Inglis, Randy Mistal, Jordan Nicholson and Joey McGarry as they share what works and why it works along with other ideas, techniques and things you might want to know.

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