“Start and expand your business, start or move your family, live a dream… it’s all possible in Kamloops.”

Kamloops - A Story of ChampionsKamloops, BC – Venture Kamloops has contracted Mastermind Studios to create a new promotional video entitled “Kamloops a Story of Champions” the 4 and a half minute video showcases our city as a home to many champions.

“Here you have all the tools necessary to be a champion in your chosen field, or to explore and succeed in a new field. Industries such as mining, healthcare, education, gaming, transport and high tech are among the most desired worldwide, and you can find them all here in Kamloops.”

Jim Anderson, Executive Director of Venture Kamloops, explains that “this video will assist Kamloops in reaching out to local stakeholders as well as national and international investors allowing Kamloops to tell its story and illustrate that it is a community that encourages growth, development, and improvement.”

“It’s a way of life: to be the best possible people we can be, and to build the best possible community we can,” says Tammy Robertson, City of Kamloops Business & Client Services Manager who was a partner in the development of the concept.

Venture Kamloops worked with Mastermind Studios to create this video. Studio owner Peter Cameron Inglis believes “we have a diverse community and as champions we work together in Kamloops. We are a community that builds new champions every day.”

The video features local businesses and residents who have made an impact on our city and who have helped put Kamloops on the map as a place to invest from both a business and lifestyle stand point.

Not only will the video be used online, but it will also be made available free of charge to local companies wishing to promote their Kamloops businesses. It is expected that the video will be translated into other languages to further assist businesses working with international investors.

“The video is a highlight package of all the best Kamloops has to offer. It’s a powerful tool for us to use as we showcase our city to potential investors and potential employers,” says Anderson.

The video can be viewed on this page.

For More Information:

Peter Cameron-Inglis
Producer, President & CEO
Mastermind Studios
(250) 434-8918

Jim Anderson
Executive Director
Venture Kamloops
(250) 828-6818