Don’t Sell Your Product To Strangers…

Target your video advertisingTry Highly Concentrated Television advertising that hits a Big Bull’s Eye with your target market!

Let Mastermind Studios connect your message directly with those viewers who are most likely to be interested. It’s not about mass marketing to strangers and hoping for some “nibbles”, it’s about finding “your people” interested in “your product” on a specialty network that’s created just for you.

Need to sell pet food? Why not focus your message on viewers of The Pet Network? Do you wish to sell tools and equipment? How about advertising through the Do It Yourself Network? Are you manufacturing a musical instrument? Try the AUX Music Network! If you're in Tourism or part of a winery you might consider connecting with your potential clients through the Travel and Escape Network! If you're looking for a Sports audience we can score top drawer with Sportsnet “Connected”.

These are affordable marketing opportunities brought to you by Mastermind Studios. As a video production AGENCY we can be your one-stop video advertising shop. We will produce your Broadcast quality TV commercial for you and connect you with the most effective niche specialty networks available in the markets you wish to reach.

Randy Smile crop  moreMany of these network logos you see here are familiar to you and we can get you “ON THE AIR” with them!

Get the most from your advertising dollar, hit the "Bull's Eye" with your target market and get connected with buyers who really want your product!

To get started or learn more about what opportunities might be right for your message call Mastermind Studios today!

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Business Development & Advertising Account Executive
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Television Networks & Channels

Here are some of the television networks and channels we can help you with in order to create a highly targeted advertising campaign that reaches the people who are most interested in hearing your message.