12 Questions to Ask Before You Create A Video
Created by Mastermind Studios
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Video today is like desktop publishing, graphic design and website development was more than a decade ago — everyone thinks they can do it. And, Yes, it’s a fact, anyone can create a video. A video worth watching? That’s a different story altogether. Video is a very effective way to communicate, but many businesses and non-profits don’t know where to start – that’s where we can help.

Mastermind Studios is more than just another videographer or video production house. We are a full service Video Production Studio and Marketing Agency and we want you to consider us your marketing partner. Our approach is to help you develop a long-term video marketing strategy which will help to define, compliment and enhance your overall marketing efforts.

While many video production professionals and videographers may not have the experience and background you may require, at Mastermind Studios we offer experienced,  professional and complete video production services, including research, strategic planning, concept and creative development, communications and script development, filming, editing, motion graphics & 3D animation, along with agency distribution and marketing services. We even have an in-house green-screen studio.

Mastermind Studios also works very well with other Marketing Agencies and with in-house video production departments of larger companies. We can collaborate with your team to provide additional creative services or support on any larger or last-minute projects they may not be able to handle themselves.

A Process to Strategically Plan Out Effective Video

Mastermind Studios facilitates a process to provide you with the strategic tools to move forward with a strong knowledge of the DNA of your business or non-profit and how to best market it with confidence. Although developed for creating great video for our clients this framework can be applied to any of your marketing options whether it be video, TV, website, print, radio, brochures, social media and other marketing mediums and platforms.

A long-term strategic plan should consider many things including:

  • Research
  • Assessing your current strategic approach,
  • Developing additional strategic information,
  • Identifying potential marketing strategies,
  • Staff turn-over, recruitment & training
  • Visiting (or re-visiting) your Vision/Mission,
  • A conversation about direction and focusing efforts,
  • Key target markets and referrers (research is crucial here),
  • Key differentiators
  • Exploring any communications challenges
  • Assessing changes to branding or messaging
  • Future product launches
  • Looking for potential economies of scale
  • Timelines and Budgets
  • Raw key messages (to work across all mediums including video),
  • Response measurement tools (conversations about how you will measure results)

Only then can video be produced as an effective solution for a given communications challenge. Of course, we can also respond to an existing RFP or creative brief for those with an existing plan or when working with agencies.

Our services extend beyond creative and concept to completion and distribution of individual projects or ongoing delivery of marketing services. It all starts with an initial consultation. Why not give us a call and start the discussion now while it is on your mind. You’ll begin to see a difference in our approach as we look at the ‘bigger picture’ and help you to develop an effective long-term strategic approach to video for your organization.

Strategic Video Marketing Plan & Production Package

Ask Mastermind Studios to prepare a proposal for a Strategic Video Marketing Plan & Production Package for you!

Here is a summary of what we include within the package.

  1. A total of 10 finished minutes of professionally planned and produced video divided over multiple videos of varying lengths for different purposes such as:
    • testimonial videos
    • promotional advertisements and commercials
    • educational and instructional videos
    • and more
  2. Strategic Masterminding and Planning Sessions for your business or non-profit
  3. Strategic Video Marketing Plan Summary

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