VMP Episode 4 – Nov 29, 2016

Strategic Planning for Video

VMP Episode 3 – Nov 22, 2016

Social Media: DIY or Hire A Company to Help?

VMP Episode 2 – Nov 15, 2016

An Internet MARKETing Formula for Traffic, Leads & Sales

VMP Episode 1 (Part 1) – Nov 7, 2016

How To Deal With "Being Scared Of The Camera"
We mentioned a couple of other videos in this video podcast which are as follows: Bridging the self-acceptance gap with psyphotology - Anna Rowley & Peter Hurley | TEDxCambridge  and Duncan Davidson: Why do we hate seeing photos of ourselves?  If you'd like to continue watching Part 2 of this video Podcast about dealing with "Being Scared Of The Camera" please give us your name and email in the form to subscribe and immediately watch Part 2.

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