Jean-Claude-AugerSo, What is the Social CRITIC Project? The “Social CRITIC” is an experiment in Criminal Rehabilitation. For this experiment we have coined the term Social CRITIC (CRITIC meaning Criminal Rehabilitation Integrative Therapy In-Camera). The intent is to provide a meaningful opportunity for criminal rehabilitation by offering the subject an environment for self-reflection with escalating levels of feedback and criticism through public discussion.

It is hoped that this input will provide subjects with a greater understanding about how and why they made their mistakes, how these mistakes have impacted others, a deeper connection with their level of remorse and ultimately a clearer path for what their future might and could look like as they strive for change in their lives.

In the case of Claude Auger the process began with several months of clinical counseling with Michael Koehn, a registered clinical counselor (RCC), where Claude explored his life and the ramifications of decisions he made in a safe and non-threatening environment. The team at Mastermind Studios partnered with Michael Koehn to enhance Claude Auger’s rehabilitation through this experiment. Read more about Claude Auger to the right of this page.

Okay, So What’s Next?

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How Did This Start?

Rather than a series of YouTube annotated videos the Social CRITIC project actually started life as an experiment introducing a video production team to the process of Claude Auger’s desire to start his rehabilitation process by producing a short narrative documentary film around his life, where he went wrong, the remorse he feels and the path for change he hopes to pursue within his rehabilitation.

Through the editing process Mastermind Studios discovered that a lot of meaningful thought-provoking material was being eliminated and the decision was made to start from the beginning and create a series of short video clips where the public would be more apt to watch and offer their commentary.

For More Information:

For more information about the Social CRITIC Project please feel free to contact either Peter Cameron-Inglis (regarding Video & Social CRITIC) or Michael Koehn (regarding counseling).

Peter Cameron-Inglis,
Producer & CEO
Mastermind Studios
954F Laval Crescent,
Kamloops, BC, Canada, V2C 5P5
Office: (250) 434-8918
Cell: (250) 574-6902

Michael Koehn,
Registered Clinical Counsellor & President
Mind Teams Solutions, Inc.
#206 – 929 Laval Crescent,
Kamloops, BC, Canada, V2C 5P4
Office/Cell: (250) 819-1313

The Social Part – How You Can Be Involved?

Before offering your comments and feedback we would like to encourage you to think about what would be helpful in creating a meaningful and effective process. Please keep in mind that Claude Auger admits that he has committed crimes and is remorseful. He wishes to turn his life into something beneficial to the community and to make amends. Please also be aware that Claude has submitted himself to this process voluntarily, he has been personally and financially responsible for covering costs related to this project, and he has done so at his own risk and peril. This is something that to the best of our knowledge (Michael Koehn, Claude Auger, Claude’s lawyer – Chris Thompson, and the entire Mastermind Studios Team) has never been done before. We have been unable to find a single example where a criminal voluntarily offered information about his crimes and feelings towards them by video to the public prior to entering a plea for sentencing in court.