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Claude mentioned that he was in denial about the impact he was having on people. If someone you know is using drugs, what could you do to help them? What if they are in denial, how can you overcome that?

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Background Facts:

Denial is a process involved in drug and alcohol addiction by which the addict pretends or convinces themselves that they do not have a problem when they do, or that their addiction is not causing destruction when it is. Sometimes, an individual may not even be aware that they are in denial, and may genuinely not believe that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Denial can also be a completely conscious act to cover up addictive behavior and the results of this behavior. Whatever the case may be, denial is a tell-tale sign that someone is definitely at a crisis point in their addiction. Denial can be so destructive as it often involves lying, refusal to even communicate with others about the problem, rationalizing, and minimizing addiction (reference from