Mastermind Studios in cooperation with Venture Kamloops is pleased to have written and produced this new official marketing video for the City of Kamloops. As “raving fans” and ambassadors of our beautiful city we tried to show aspects and perspectives of our amazing community that are often overlooked. We hope you enjoy it.

Here is the narrative script for this video in written form:

What defines a champion?

A person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place.

But what are champions made of?

A champion is not just the winner of a competition. A champion is an individual who holds important personal values, who believes in fairness, and equality. A champion gives their best effort in everything they do, and they always make the people around them better.

Kamloops is home to many champions, and builds new ones everyday.

It’s a way of life: to be the best possible people we can be, and to build the best possible community we can.

A community that encourages growth, development, and improvement. We have built a city that welcomes challenges and turns them into success stories. Here you have all the tools necessary to be a champion in your chosen field, or to explore and succeed in a new field. Industries such as mining, healthcare, education, gaming, transport and high tech are among the most desired worldwide, and you can find them all here in friendly Kamloops.

Kamloops is an intersection where global technology and natural resources meet, just as the North and South Thompson Rivers meet to create our beautiful and inspiring landscape.

The 2000 hours of annual sunshine reflect the winning attitude of this prospering region and its champion people. The welcoming surroundings make Kamloops a great place to play, and the strength and resiliency of its economy make it the perfect place to start or grow a business. It’s the best of many worlds, and we want you to become part of our winning tradition.

As ‘Canada’s Tournament Capital’, Kamloops hosts over 120 major events per year and fosters competition as a way to bring out the best in everyone. This extends past athletics and into education at Thompson Rivers University, Canada’s most comprehensive university.

Excellence spreads across many sectors and makes life in general a wonderful adventure here in the beautiful Thompson-Okanagan. Kamloops boasts outstanding healthcare facilities and professionals to ensure the well-being of its great citizens and maintenance of optimal productivity across this great city.

Kamloops not only hosts and welcomes champions, but has produced a number of them in different industries and capacities. In addition to those born here, many inspirational national and world leaders have relocated to our beautiful community. The people of this city are proud of their own, and proud of all the great things happening here. This sense of hometown pride is very evident at events across the community, such as Kamloops Blazers hockey, where the crowd is loud and proud all season long.

We have a diverse community and as champions we work together in Kamloops. This city has amazing partnerships and connections with the First Nations’ community and the T’Kemlups Indian Band. They help remind us how important it is to cherish this great land we stand upon, and our great land is evident everywhere you look around.

With 13 diverse golf courses in the area our beautiful landscapes are hard to forget. World-famous Sun Peaks Resort is just a 40 minute drive out of Kamloops and offers world class skiing, and world class mountain bike racing, just to name a few of the wonderful activities. Kamloops is a magical, friendly and welcoming place-no matter which season you.

On top of the amazing sports facilities, parks and recreation centres, naturally stunning topography and wonderful downtown shopping, Kamloops also boasts industry leading transportation capabilities including an improved and expanded airport, both national railways and the intersection of all major highways in Western Canada.

Kamloops also lets business and beauty meet by building champions of the arts. With a beautiful museum, extensive art gallery, masterfully conducted symphony and the renowned Western Canada Theatre Company to engage people in the rich history and diverse culture of beautiful British Columbia, Kamloops is leading the way in artistic creation for people young and old.

This is a place to get away, without leaving anything behind. Expand your business, move your family, live a dream, become a champion… it’s all possible in Kamloops.