dlts-introWith the successful finale of the Pink Ribbon Ball, the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation wanted to carry on the momentum and create a fundraiser that continued to support women’s health in the community. Each year, thousands of women in our community and surrounding areas receive screening mammograms and then undergo further testing at RIH. During that time, women are experiencing a significant delay in their time of diagnosis. For some, this waiting period is the difference between life and death. And so, Dancing like the Stars Kamloops was created! Mastermind Studios has been involved right from inception.

Almost all of the Mastermind Studios staff contributed weekly for several months through the planning stage. This brought us to the promotional phase where we worked with Dancers, Dance Instructors, Cancer Patients, and Sponsors to create some truly compelling promotional and social media material as well as some great content for the night of the show. In October of 2014 Dancing Like The Stars Kamloops was an evening filled with entertainment! In its first year, this annual event (yes – there is more to come) has become the most successful event presented by the RIH Foundation with over $95,000 raised in it’s first year not counting private donations from the evening.

Please enjoy (below) the one hour show recap along with some of the promotional teaser commercials that ran leading up to the big event through social media channels and YouTube.  The 2015 show is already in the planning stages and Mastermind Studios is excited to bring you and even bigger and better event for the 2nd annual Dancing Like the Stars Kamloops in 2015!

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