Here is what others have to say about the experience of working with Mastermind Studios.

Michael KoehnYou could hire just about any video production company to make a video for you. But what you get from Mastermind Studios is an entire team who has one single focus in mind … the health, wellness and prosperity of your business … wait, that’s three things! But they do all of those things all at once and they do it seamlessly and in an environment of fun, excitement, high energy and absolute professionalism from start to finish. I think Mastermind Studios has some of the most talented, most professional, most engaging and interesting people working in the industry anywhere, at any price. Simply put, these are fantastic people who will do an excellent job representing you and your business. Honesty, integrity, ethics, and a never ending commitment to take care of every single person involved in the creative process whether it’s team members, whether it’s clients, or customers. Anyone involved in this process is treated with the utmost respect and integrity. Great folks! Great results! Check ’em out!

Michael Koehn, Owner
Mind Teams Solutions Inc.

Heidi ColemanI write this recommendation with a huge smile on my face. Working with Peter Cameron-Inglis and his dream team at Mastermind studios has been and continues to be an incredible experience. Peter is a high-energy executive with a proven ability to develop and execute meaningful and creative films. The whole team is very strategic in their conception and execution of ideas. Peter’s strong leadership and people skills make him a pleasure to collaborate with.

Heidi Coleman, Chief Executive Officer
Royal Inland Hospital Foundation

Natalie PeaceThe work that Peter and his team at Mastermind Studios have done for me truly blew me away! They are incredibly creative in the way they helped me design a one-of-a kind interactive video to tell my story and give my business a broad reach. They delivered on time, with phenomenal value. I didn’t know a video production company could make such a big project so enjoyable. If you have video work, call on Mastermind Studio.

Natalie Peace, Owner
Peace & Profit Business Coaching & Consulting

Todd StoneMastermind Studios has great service! I look for authenticity. I look for people that go beyond just the scripts and are looking to connect with people at a human level and they do exactly that. The moment you walk through the door, the creative energy just hits you like a thunderbolt, from everything that’s on the walls to the smiles on everybody’s faces, to the light-hearted good humour, and the ideas. Lots of great ideas that help you think outside the comfort zone, or the box that you might be in. The interactive video product is really cool, cutting-edge technology! It really made it easy for me to communicate with voters of Kamloops South Thompson as I sought and received their support. It enabled me to chunk up into bite-sized pieces content that really spoke to who I am, what I’m all about, why people should care, why I was running. It made it much easier for people to make an informed decision. They’re not just going to be reading a bunch of text. Everyone that you interact with at Mastermind Studios is there because they feel called to do what they’re doing, and therefore you can trust that the advice that they’re giving you, and the results that you’re going to get at the end of the day are going to be top notch. It’s not a nine-to-five environment for them. It’s more about ‘lets get this done’ so that the customer is happy at the end of the day. Mastermind Studios is a phenomenal company and I think that the interactive video technology that’s being developed there is really cool stuff and I think they’re going to take the world by storm.

Todd Stone, Owner
iCompass Technologies
& Kamloops South Thompson MLA

Cindy DueckI have worked with Peter and his team over the past 4 years with the development of a CRM and a web based video chat on our website. The service was exceptional, timely and reliable. The out-of-the-box approach that Peter and his staff have makes working with them interesting and exciting. I have also have the opportunity to view two of their videos and was very impressed with the professionalism and creativity they incorporated into each one, each very different from the other. I would not hesitate to work with Peter and his team on future endeavours.

Cindy Dueck, Office Manager
Venture Kamloops

Michael ForbesI look for that personal connection that understands what it is we’re trying to do and convey. I get that from Mastermind Studios! They provide Kamloops with that “Hollywood” production company, right here! They’ve also got those fabulous flying cameras! Seeing some of the results they produce really shows that they give their clients the “wow” factor. I don’t see anyone else around doing what they do. They take that idea that I may have and provide all of the things that I need to get an end product that we want to deliver. Not only are they innovative, but the quality of work has been spectacular. If you even get the opportunity to go up to their studios and just look around, you’ll see! There doesn’t seem to be a limit to what they can produce. But, most importantly they care and they understand their clients. And, that’s what is important to me.

Mike Forbes, Owner
Kamloops Insurance

Jann LM BaileyThe Mastermind Studios team is very creative and has very good ideas. They were a really good match for the Kamloops Art Gallery to show people a little bit more about the behind the scenes aspects of what we do. I’m really thrilled with the work they have done. I think it shows a very nice overview of the Kamloops Art Gallery. I love the speed up effects that happen around the installation and the individual biographies of the staff where they talk about their jobs. The whole production went extremely well, it was quick and those takes that Mastermind Studios weren’t happy with, they came back to us, redid them, and I found it very quick, very efficient and very thorough. I think Mastermind’s core values are about really trying to understand the heart and soul of their clients. Then they bring that forward in a production that can be used to really explain who they are and give you more than just the surface aspect. Working with Mastermind Studios was not only a pleasure; they really understood and helped us.

Jann LM Bailey, Executive Director
Kamloops Art Gallery

Roger DownieWords I would use to describe Peter and his group of professionals at Mastermind Studios are: innovative, creative, organized in their understanding of client’s needs, polished, high degree of technical savvy in audio, visual and video production. You can do no wrong in considering Mastermind Studios for your next media promotion. For me they made it easy; it was not scary by any means. I was not nervous, and when I did have a few stumbles, their team walked me through it. Mastermind Studios is really helping businesses take their video to the next level and I see that as a very very important thing. Mastermind Studios isn’t just a video production company. They’re really helping people become more successful and taking their business experience and their promotional marketing campaigns to a higher level.

Roger Downie, Owner and
Commercial Account Manager
Bank of Montreal, Kamloops

Dennis LessardMastermind Studios was really great with the work they did for us. We had 65 dogs on our property, five cats, two birds, a lizard, a snake and a hamster there at the time the video was being produced and so there’s an awful lot going on but the team who came out and did the filming were very professional. They dealt with the animals in a great, kind way, which is extremely important to us, and they really cared about what we wanted to do to make sure the animals were safe. I found Mastermind Studios really great to work with. They’ve been very friendly, very knowledgeable and very willing to work with us. They came out to our property, saw what we did and got a good understanding of what we wanted to achieve when they shot our commercial and we were really happy with the results.

Dennis Lessard, Owner
TLC For Pets

Mike HarrisonI’ve worked with Mastermind Studios on a few different projects including putting together a promotion for Kamloops Community Football which has been on our website since day one and it gets regular viewings. It’s excellent work! Mastermind Studios is full of like-minded people with a lot of inspiration to offer. Its great to work with people that can think outside the box. From their innovative processes to the use of their UAVs and their blimp makes them top drawer! I don’t know of any other video production company in our province, let alone our region, that’s providing the footage that Mastermind Studios is able to provide. I never would have thought of some of the things that come out of their studio. They’ve become people that I know and trust. Mastermind Studios has integrity when it comes to delivering on their product. If it’s a situation where you’ve been able to communicate your needs to the staff, they take the time and make the effort to respond exactly to what your needs are. And again, look at any of the finished product. It speaks for itself.

Mike Harrison, Real Estate professional
Royal LePage Westwin

Karen WattPeter Cameron-Inglis and his Team at Mastermind Studios have a high degree of skill and integrity in the work and service they supply to not only our company Excel Personnel, but to a variety of clients around Western Canada. Mastermind Studios is the first of its kind in Kamloops and area and we are proud to have their Head office in Kamloops and to endorse Peter and his team. They are an excellent company in providing superior services tailored to each and every business or client. We have seen Mastermind Studios work and are very impressed and looking forward to working with the team again shortly.

Karen A. Watt, CPC, CEO
Excel Personnel Inc.
Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George, Lower Mainland/Surrey

Craig MacleodPeter and his extraordinary team have blessed our events for several years without hesitation. Their tremendous contribution in coverage of the events showcased the true excitement and emotion of the participants allowed us to share it with future generations and encourage and grow the water-sports community. Our hats are off to Mastermind Studios for their unabashed enthusiasm in business and ethics.

Craig Macleod, CEO
Allstar Apps Inc & Wake-toWake Organizer

Dr. Richard BrownleePeter Cameron-Inglis is a local film producer. His company is Mastermind Studios. I have had the pleasure to be involved in two of his video productions at our medical clinic. The professionalism and quality of the product are second to none. I have been very pleased with his work and he is a pleasure to work with. He has been very thoughtful and creative in his productions. I would highly recommend him and his company

Richard Brownlee, Neurosurgeon
President; Welcome Back MRI and Pain Management Centre

Bernard ImmelPeter and the staff at Mastermind Studios were extremely friendly and made me feel like I was at home from the first time I stepped into their office. I remember having a piece of pizza and being myself; it wasn’t the typical stuffy boardroom meeting.

Peter is highly creative and innovative; he helped me drill down to my core values, and identify my beliefs & passions as pillars to expand my business on. Peter went the extra mile and wrote over a page long warm introduction for me to key local entrepreneurs who there was a synergy with and an opportunity to create value for everyone.

When I contracted Mastermind Studios to have my personal profile and testimonial videos developed I felt extremely confident. I was happy with how organized and timely Mastermind Studios was; They were very accommodating with the videos where the location was 2 hours away. The value far surpassed the price of the entire package – it was a fantastic deal!

I strongly recommend Peter and Mastermind Studios not just as a business who stands out by providing differentiating value but also as people with integrity and friends!

Bernard Immel, Mortgage Planner
Verico Premium Mortgage

Colin O'learyPeter is a very insightful individual and a true and through entrepreneur. He and the whole team at Mastermind Studios are very dynamic, energetic and always willing to share their wisdom. This thoughtfulness is apparent in all of the many ways that they are constantly striving to give back to the community. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Colin O’Leary, Business Expansion & Retention Specialist
Venture Kamloops

Arjun SinghPeter and his team at Mastermind Studios produced short ads for my 2011 Kamloops City Council campaign. They were amazing to work with. Helping me brainstorm, draft, and refine ideas. They are constantly creating very crisp and professional work. What’s more, Mastermind Studios gives so much to the community here. All in all, I would highly recommend.

Arjun Singh, City Councillor
City of Kamloops

Mitesh PatelThis past year, while I was with Enactus Thompson Rivers, I have had the pleasure of working with Mastermind Studios to help develop high quality, professional videos for our organization. Peter, along with the Mastermind team, was able to help bring our ideas into a reality with the first ever Kamloops Hunger Games. Their work helped us raise tens of thousands of pounds of food for our local food bank. I would recommend Mastermind Studios to anyone that is in need of professional, high quality video service!

Mitesh Patel, Social & Digital Marketing Specialist

Stan DueckFirst of all I would like to express my deepest thanks to Mastermind Studios for coming to us in a time of need and offering your help in the filming of Community Roots. It is this type of generosity that has kept the New Life Mission active in Kamloops for 33 years.

Mastermind Studios did an amazing job in a very short period of time for us at the New Life Mission. From a chance meeting with Joey on the day that Dr. Holly would begin his retirement, to an e-mail and meeting with Peter, to an awesome video only a couple of weeks later. We received a level of service that exceeded all my expectations and then was completely blown away when I saw the quality of the 5 minute video. Hats off to Joey, Peter and all the staff at Mastermind Studios!

In our meeting we wanted to address three areas with the video;

  1. To recognize 9 years of work and dedication by Dr. Holly Schwieger at the New Life Mission
  2. To let everyone know about the enormous need that still existed in Kamloops and area
  3. To help find a replacement Dentist in order to keep the clinic open, a task that had to date come up completely empty. We had no prospects.

After our discussion we also established the fact that New Life Mission had no funding for this project and was just scraping by financially. Mastermind Studios did not hesitate to come to our aid and along the way produced an exceptional video in the shortest possible time, meeting all our expectations. I cannot say thank you enough.

I give Mastermind Studios my highest recommendation for the quality of work and the level of service that they provided for us here at the New Life Mission. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Better yet, check out the video “Community Roots” on the Mastermind Studio website.

Stan Dueck
Executive Director
New Life Mission, Kamloops

Erin ToewsI found Peter and his team all great to work with – they were highly collaborative and creative. They were receptive to feedback and responsive to requests, and most importantly they delivered a quality online video product.

Erin Toews
Communications Officer
Royal Inland Hospital