Ever since we launched "Kamloops, A Story of Champions" we've been hearing that everyone wants more. Some people have even said, 'it's too bad we don't learn more about the champions in the video and hear what some of them have to say'. We've listened to your feedback and we agree with you! So, to make this Story of Champions even better we're now turning our cameras on our inspiring champions themselves for their thoughts, inspiration and wisdom in a new series of short video clips called "Wisdom of Champions".

Lesra Martin

To start, we had the help of Kirsti Kirkness from Junior Achievement BC who joined us in our studio to sit down and interview Lesra Martin. We want to thank Kirsti and Lesra both for helping us bring Lesra's inspiring message to you. Click here to learn more about Lesra and view this first set of videos in the "Wisdom of Champions" series.

We're looking forward to bringing you more inspiring messages and amazing stories from other champions soon. Please check back for updates but if you want to get the jump on everyone and see videos as soon as they come out then don't forget to follow Mastermind Studios' social media channels. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & Pinterest and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see it first!