When one of our clients, Knouff Lake Resort, contacted us to help them sell this Historic Resort Property, we hid a real estate marketing pitch inside a short documentary film about the property. It worked! The last family fishing resort of its kind, and one of the oldest in North America, was sold! We’ve had a few people say this is the best real estate video they’ve ever seen. What do you think?

A Real Estate marketing video disguised within a documentary film to help sell the historical Knouff Lake Resort.

This is one of the marketing videos we had previously produced for Knouff Lake Resort. Experience the Difference at Knouff Lake Resort. Located just outside of Kamloops, this promotional video showcases how Beautiful British Columbia received its world renowned name. Picturesque scenery, the sounds of nature and a calm, relaxing atmosphere is what makes Knouff Lake a perfect destination. Enjoy fishing, camping, boating, hiking, swimming, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and many other outdoor recreational activities at this four-season resort.

Experiential video of Knouff Lake Resort with the sounds of nature and not a single word spoken!