TV Commercials & Video Advertising

Having a good production company is critical to achieving results with Television Commercials or Online Video Advertising. Mastermind Studios has the resources and experience you need to produce professional commercials for your organization. We have the reputable team to master and produce your commercial and deliver your message.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Script Writing
  • Talent Selection
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Multi-Camera High-End Film & Video Production
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Agency Distribution Services
  • Social Media Implementation

Mastermind Studios is established, successful and has the experience creating commercials that help our clients stand out from their competition and produce the results they are looking for.

Video Commercial Tips:

  1. One of the primary goals of your advertisement is to get deep into the consciousness of your target market – and stay there. Even though you may have good frequency with the airtime for your commercial and the ability to sustain it, without delivering a strong message, you won’t make the right impression. When designing your commercial. We recommend that you increase brand awareness making sure to incorporate your business’s logo, branded colors, symbols, trademarked insignia and other associated imagery that make up your company’s brand. You should also always include your web address and other important details so that your customer knows how to take action in your commercial.
  2. When developing your commercial, find something unique that sticks in the minds of your viewers and tie it in with your brand. Remember, in addition to any physical aspects, such as colors or logos, your brand also directly associates your products and services in a consumer’s mind with a specific set of expectations when used or purchased, so make sure all these elements make it into your ad. This branded vision can be one of the most valuable elements of your commercial. Try to find a good balance between incorporating all the elements needed to expose your brand while still being unique.
  3. If you’ve never involved your customers in a company project, now may be the best time to begin. Customer involvement in your commercial can bring positive and successful results – if done correctly. So think about getting your target audience to participate in the development process. Involving your customers and clients in the production of a commercial breeds excitement and helps stimulate the creation of new ideas. Your customers know a thing or two about your company, and many times, they make the best critics. By asking your customers for their input or advice, not only will you make them feel involved, you’ll also get valuable information from the people who’ve used your services and products before.

Let Mastermind Studios help you make an impact with your next commercial. Looking for a good VIDEO Commercial IDEA for your brand, business or non-profit? Challenge the brainiacs at Mastermind Studios to think of one for you!

Here are some Client Commercial Examples:

What our commercial clients have to say:

Here’s a creative sample poking fun at ourselves:

Portfolio Interiors

Brownstone Restaurant

Imagine The Room

Harley Davidson


Lyons Landscaping


Kamloops Film Festival