Documentaries & Documentary Shorts

Mastermind Studios is an accomplished documentary video production company available to work on documentary films, docu-series and documentary style corporate production projects.

Connecting with individuals that have important stories to tell is something that we truly enjoy. We find part of our purpose within this type of work and often find that it speaks to our sense of WHY we do what we do.

Many subject matter experts as well as individuals who have allowed themselves to be vulnerable on-camera with us have acknowledged that we are very good at what we do. Making that connection with people so that they feel comfortable and safe with us is a skill that we covet and take a significant amount of pride in. It’s part of what creates a great documentary film full of interesting information and authentic emotion. But best of all, it keeps us growing, not only as filmmakers but also as people.

Here are a few short documentary production examples from Mastermind Studios:

Silence, Violence & Silos

The Forum

The Last Resort

Community Roots