Video Editing & VFX

From simple animated three dimensional objects to complicated immersive environments Mastermind Studios can provide stunning visual effects. Our post-production / editing department features robust computing hardware with the latest professional production software suites including Adobe After Effects and the Unreal Engine 5 UE5 Studio.

The treatment called for filming a scene on railway tracks, a grave beside the tracks and a train approaching the actor – only problem, CN Rail and CP Rail wouldn’t allow it . That’s when our creative editing & post-production team whipped up something up for this music video with almost no budget!
Kamloops Hospice supports people of all faiths and we wanted to represent the spirit of the organization’s name sake and founder, Marjorie Willoughby Snowden, by having her spirit lead you through some of the scenes in this video. And so, we created an ethereal butterfly to guide you on the journey.