If it’s a podcasting space, or full video podcasting production support, you are looking for, you’ve found the right place! For professionally produced interview / talk shows and video podcasts to rental equipment and production spaces we have everything under one roof. Have you ever considered launching a professional video podcast or conducting an interview-based video but felt daunted by the idea? You may have wondered how to begin? how many cameras you need? who to interview? what to say? what kind of film set? lighting? sound? and editing to use? and how to attract viewers or listeners? Did you know that Mastermind Studios can produce four to six video podcast shows for you in a single day, complete with recording, editing, and distribution? Contact us now for a free consultation to explore the possibilities, and let us work together to turn your “maybe” into a resounding “yes”. Call us today at (250) 574-6902.

Sample Podcasts

Outside of the examples below, if you would like more information on the Crisis Storm Podcast specifically please visit www.FindingAWayForward.com

Crisis Storm: Episode 1
Crisis Storm: Episode 2
Crisis Storm: Episode 3

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