Film & Television

With over 20,000 sq feet of facilities in Kamloops, BC, Mastermind Studios is the perfect turn-key setup for just about any production looking for affordable alternatives to filming in the traditional urban centers. Most amenities are walking distance from the studios including shopping, hotels, restaurants and other amenities. Mastermind Studios provides many levels of service to the film and television industry including:

  1. Turn-Key Production Office Rentals
  2. Soundstage Rentals
  3. Equipment Rentals
  4. Production Crew
  5. Post-Production Services
  6. Locations Services and more

When we’re in a city like Kamloops, usually there is no fixer such as Peter at Mastermind Studios. Normally we start with an empty office space from scratch but Mastermind Studios is a turnkey operation. You don’t have to worry about renting desks, photocopier, scanner, etc.. It’s very different from other locations and what Vancouver has to offer. Peter with all his knowledge and connections was an absolute godsend! You can come in and rent fully furnished production offices. It’s all ready to go! The people in the office are there to help. Tech support is great (Daniel especially!). Instead of waiting with tech support on the phone for hours, Daniel was there to help. The soundstage out back was very useful to build sets, for storage, and set-dec setup. I honestly can’t think of a single improvement they could make.

Paula S. Kyan, Production Manager

Download the Mastermind Studios Information Package for Television & Motion Picture Industry Professionals by clicking on the image above.

Please also take a look at our Soundstage and Facilities page for further information about some of the amenities that Mastermind Studios can make available to your next production in Kamloops by clicking here.