What’s it like to work with us?

Why should you work with Mastermind Studios for your next video production endeavor? Find out yourself from some of our clients (who coincidentally, happen to be some of our most raving fans)! A special thank you to RA Hair Studio & Spa, Paul & Company Lawyers & Mediators, Lyons Landscaping, Brownstone Restaurant and Harley Davidson Kamloops. Click here to also see more recent work in our video showcase!

A New Approach to Video:

How can you really make Social Media and Websites work for you? How do you attract, engage, excite and educate a larger audience? What if you had an online library full of your own professionally produced video content? Mastermind Studios is pioneering a new approach to creating video content libraries for business and non-profits. Check out this video to learn more.

Featured Testimonial Video (for client):

Here's a compilation of testimonial videos for Petland produced by Mastermind Studios.

Aerial Drone Demo Reel:

Yes, these days we see a lot more video companies out there using drones for creating aerial video. But, Mastermind Studios is still the company you can trust to do it safely, with proper training and insurance and with both technically proficient and artistic skill. Mastermind Studios operates its drones under strict rules and regulations governed by Transport Canada SFOC permits. Serving Western Canada since 2010. Click here for more information.

Featured TV Commercial (Organic):

Kamloops Harley Davidson has a rich history (over 30 years) with the passion of Al Perrett that makes this dealership what it is today! This client knows how important the brand is to their marketing and they wanted a commercial that was "different" and exciting to market some of their apparel. This longer 2 minute piece was created for the web along with a shorter 30 second spot for TV. Learn more by clicking here.

Featured TV Commercial (Scripted):

Starting with a commercial for the Blazers score clock it quickly escalated into more. Paul & Company have had outstanding feedback from their customers. For them it's all about maintaining their family orientated reputation. Click here to watch more of their videos.

Featured Social Video with Motion Graphics:

Have you ever wondered what Hospice is all about? We have been working with the Kamloops Hospice Association to answer that exact question and create a greater awareness in the community.

Featured Web & Social Media Video (Organic):

When Kamloops Realtor, Jerry Van, came to us about her client Homex Development she said they "wanted a luxury commercial to match their luxury townhomes at Orabella" but without a lot of words. They want to capture the lifestyle or the area and do it differently than everyone else.

Featured Promotional Video (Scripted):

Mastermind Studios is proud to have produced the new marketing video for the City of Kamloops titled Kamloops: A Story of Champions. This 4.5 minute video features 9 Kamloops champions from several walks of life (not just sports); 122 different scenes in and around the Kamloops region; and 45 different advantages of Kamloops as a great place to live, work and play. We hope that you will watch and become as excited to share this video with others as we are. Read more about this project on this page.

Featured Promo Video (Organic / Unscripted):

Continuing with the theme of “Live Love Give” Mastermind Studios produced this third piece for Royal Inland Hospital in 2015. While the first two videos focused on messages from staff, donors and patients alike this new version went behind the scenes at RIH to get some candid heartfelt comments of appreciation from some of the doctors, volunteers and patients who work there. Read more about this work by clicking here.

Just Launched: Jeremy Reid’s Real Estate Video Campaign

Masterminding a Real Estate Video Marketing Campaign!

Jeremy Reid thought we were "just" a video production company. He got a great surprise when he realized the value of Mastermind Studios as a full marketing consultant and agency who brainstorms, plans and implements entire marketing campaigns designed to get immediate measurable results.

Featured Real Estate Listing Video:

How do you showcase a high-end property to engage an audience and make an emotional connection with potential buyers? Try telling the story! Taking the seller out of the staging of a home is standard practice in Real Estate but it often leaves the home feeling a little cold and clinical. Putting the seller back into the equation not only gives you a better opportunity to "sell the lifestyle" (from a peer's perspective) it also helps you cover all the important little things that might get lost or forgotten.

Featured Video (Not Needing Audio):

This is the 2016 campaign fundraising video for the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. RIH Foundation needed a video that could play on TV screens in the hospital without sound as well as play in Facebook without the need for audio in the "Facebook Feed". This video tells the story of Elaine. At 34 she was 30 weeks pregnant with twins. She was also experiencing heart failure. Thanks to the care she received at Royal Inland Hospital Elaine is alive today, raising two healthy babies. Your support makes a difference.

Business Profile Videos

A video story about your business may be a great place to start. Mastermind Studios works with several agencies and media partners (like Glacier Media) to produce great business profile videos that are combined with print media coverage in several publications for great business marketing coverage. Give us a call to learn about bundled packages and availability.

Retail Product Reviews

Are you a retailer looking for a cost effective way to leverage video on your website and through social media? A cost effective package of product review videos might be a great way to produce several videos and release them one at a time on your website, through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Call us to learn about our product review package and how it works.

Micro-Content Videos

Many businesses and non-profits are using Mastermind Studios to produce a group of micro-content videos for Social Media. We setup a full interview, record it all and then take each individual thought and make it into its own stand alone "bite-sized" topical video... all for one flat package price. Give us call to explore what this approach might look like for you.

Do You Need to Be Heard?

Many businesses and non-profits struggle to understand how to break through all of the noise and competing messages in the market. If this is you, you're not alone. Everyone is using video - which makes it so important to get things right! How can you get video to work for you and what types of video can be done?

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What’s Are Others Saying Right Now?

You could hire just about any video production company to help you make a video. But, what you get from Mastermind Studios is an entire team who works as a committed partner helping passionate solve challenging problems with great video. Here are some examples you may be interested in watching.

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What’s Been Said About Us?

Before you invest your hard earned money make sure you are choosing the right company to produce your video. What's their track record? Can they get the results you need? What are they like to work with? Learn from the experiences of others.

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Mastermind Studios is a full service video production agency that passionately pushes the boundaries and possibilities of video. When it comes to creativity there's good reason 'Mastermind' is the name we chose. We have extensive experience collaborating, brainstorming, creating and producing video solutions that reach 'beyond the box' and help our clients to stand out and get their message heard in a very noisy world.

Our talented team of video experts, photographers, designers, business coaches and online marketers are here to ensure our clients are successful with their video strategies, both online and through traditional media.

Editing and production is provided through Mastermind Studios’ production centre in Kamloops, British Columbia at affordable rates while still offering the convenience of a network of videographers, photographers, and aerial video/photography crews throughout Canada including Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal. This network also extends throughout the United States and some international markets.

Whether we are producing creatively scripted and visually inspired corporate videos, product promos, testimonial footage, personal video profiles, healthcare projects and YouTube clips or building innovative interactive videos, we take the same professional approach and are proud of the work we produce.